tlo_fitzgerald (tlo_fitzgerald) wrote in ozpassions,

Do you like to pretend you're someone else for a few minutes?  Like to imagine you're living the life of your fave character?  Ever wonder what it's like to live in Harmony and be friends with the residents there?  Now you can!! If you're

So I'm not sure if anyone in this community is interested in role playing stuff..but there is now a community for Passions Role Playing.  pssnsrpg </span> is a community for people to join and role play as characters from Passions! I suggest everyone go check it out if you're interested.  There are still LOTS of positions open for different characters.  However, Theresa, Kay, Gwen, Charity, Whitney, and Sheridan are already taken.  But there are still many characters open so go and claim someonebefore it's too late! Go play if you're interested!! Questions can be referred to the mod/creator:nameyourpoisonx</span> </span> Hope that some of you go and join and HAVE FUN!!!

Go Join & Participate in: pssnsrpg </span> !!  A passion's Role Playing Game.  Please make sure to read the community info/rules before joining!


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